Safe mode needs to be selected at the beginning of loading the operating system, so if the laptop is turned on, open the main menu and then initiate a reboot.
Wait for the end of the BIOS and the appearance of the on screen prompts to press a key to invoke non-standard ways of loading the operating system. This inscription can be in English: Press F8 to select Advanced Startup Options. Wait for pressing the loader is very long, so the probability to miss the right moment. To avoid this, you can start to periodically press the key immediately after the start of the BIOS.
When the bootloader detects the pressing, the screen will display a list of different options of operating systems, where multiple rows will be treated to safe mode. Usually there are three choices: standard, allowing the use of network resources and disables the GUI. Select the desired option and wait for the download of the operating system.
Windows the latest versions there is an alternative that allows you to make the necessary changes using one of the components of the GUI operating system. In this case, the loader itself will perform the necessary steps in the boot process. To use this method, open the run dialog programs hit a hot-key Win + R. Then type msconfig and click the OK button. The result on the screen, you should see the settings window with the title "system Configuration".
Click "upload" and check the box "Safe mode" — it is placed below the button that says "advanced options". Here you can select additional options to use safe mode network driver ("Network"), disable the GUI (a checkbox "Without GUI"), logging, loading drivers, etc.
When all the necessary settings have been checked, click OK, and then initiate a restart of the operating system.