Advice 1: How to restore Windows Vista

Sometimes, to the chagrin of the happy owners of personal computers running Windows OS, the system does not boot or works improperly. This can happen because of damage to the hard drive or software failure. Microsoft offers several ways to restore the functionality of various versions of Windows OS.
How to restore Windows Vista
In order to recover Windows Vista, there is a program "system Restore". The system creates restore points automatically every day and before important system changes – for example, before downloading a new program or driver. However, you can create them manually:

- click "start" next, "control Panel," "System and maintenance" and "System".

- in the left side of the screen select "system Protection".

- in the menu click on the tab "system Protection" and click "Create". In the input window need to describe a restore point. Just write "recovery Point" and complete the process by pressing the "Create"button.
If the operating system is not working properly, use the "system Restore":

- close all applications, save any open files.

- Click on the "start" button, then mark "All programs" then "accessories, system tools and system Restore. From the list select the point created just before the problems started. The program then restarts the computer.
If after rebooting the problem remains, try to pick an earlier restore point. In that case, if the list of restore points does not appear, verify that system Protection is turned on, and the disk has at least 300 MB of free space:

- click "start", choose "control Panel," "System and maintenance" System.

at the left select the command "system Protection".

- enter the administrator password if necessary. Check the box next to the disk and confirm by pressing the OK button.
If the cause of failure was the corruption of system files, try to use "startup repair". This program is on the Windows installation disc. When you run it scans your computer and attempts to correct the detected problems:

- insert the boot disc into the optical drive and restart the computer

- download press any key to confirm booting from the installation disk

- choose the interface language, to continue work press "Next"

- confirm "system Restore"

- from the list choose the operating system that needs restoration. Continue by clicking "Next"

- in the popup menu, select the option "startup repair".
If your computer has the program "startup repair", proceed as follows:

- restart the computer

- after the beginning of system boot, press F8 and hold until you see the Windows logo. Wait for the prompt to enter the system and restart the computer

- after the appearance of the list of advanced boot options select "system Restore"

- choose language settings and click "Next"

- enter the username and password, confirm the selection by pressing the OK button

- from the options menu select "startup repair".
In order to save the restore points, you need at least 300 MB of free space on each drive on which to apply the tool "system Restore". On drives less than 1Gb, the tool will not work.

Advice 2 : How to install Windows 7 through DVD-RW

To perform self-installation of the operating system Windows 7 from a DVD or USB drive. In both cases, you must first create a bootable device with the files necessary to install the OS.
How to install Windows 7 through DVD-RW
You will need
  • - DVD-диск;
  • - Windows 7 usb/dvd download tool.
Download the image of Windows 7 installation disc. You can use the original files that are available on the Microsoft website. The uploaded file should have the permission of iso. Select the version of operating system that corresponds to available you license key.
Create a bootable disk you can use a huge number of programs. Let's consider this process on the example of the program Windows 7 usb/dvd download tool. This is the official utility from Microsoft. Download this program and follow its installation. Insert the DVD-R or DVD-RW drive in the optical drive. Note that after recording, you cannot change the contents.
Run the installed program. In the first window click the Browse button and specify the path to the downloaded. iso file. Click the Next button. Now click the DVD and select the optical drive with a blank disc inside. Start the process of writing files to disk by pressing Start. After the program is completed, restart the computer.
Immediately after turning on the PC, activate the Boot Menu. Usually this requires pressing the F12 button. In the list of available devices select your DVD drive. If you are unable to run the specified menu, go into the BIOS of the computer motherboard by pressing Del. Open the Boot Device Priority menu. Move DVD to the top. Press F10 and confirm saving settings.
After the computer restarts, the setup is running Windows 7 operating system. In the first dialog box, select "Full install". Wait for the tool will scan the hard drive and creates a list of available sections. You can change the size and number of hard disk partitions. To do this, use the buttons "Delete" and "Create". After preparation of the hard disk, select the area where you will install a new copy of Windows and click "Next".
Wait until the program will copy the necessary files and prepare them for writing to disk. This process can take 30 to 60 minutes. The elapsed time depends on the computer capacity and speed writing files to the DVD drive. After the automatic reboot, follow the instructions in the installation wizard OS. You will need to specify the current date and time, select the operating mode of Windows firewall and create at least one user. Note that the selected account has administrator rights.
After the second reboot will run Windows 7 desktop. The installation process is complete. For normal operation of devices install the necessary drivers and software.
If you have not used the Boot Menu after the first reboot select the hard disk drive priority device.
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