To cure runny nose you can use aloe juice. At least five times a day, place 3-5 drops of this remedy in each nostril, pushing your head back. After instillation be sure to massage your nose for a few seconds.
Great folk remedy for the treatment of cold is menthol oil. During the day, bury it 3-5 drops in each nostril, simultaneously lubricating them the same nose, forehead and temples. The effect of this treatment will not be worse if you bury not pure mint oil and mix it with camphor.
Morning and evening, rinse the nose with warm, slightly salted boiled water with added eucalyptus and tincture of calendula. Rinse the nose properly. Pour the prepared solution into a shallow bowl, lean over it and pull in nose remedy inside, releasing his mouth. Wash your nose all poured in a Cup of solution. During the procedure, keep your head down. After rinsing, gently blow your nose.
As a means for washing the nose with a cold can use the drug, obtained by dissolving 5 drops of iodine and 4 teaspoons of baking soda in a glass of warm boiled water.
To quickly cure the common cold, twice a day bury the nose with a mixture of 9 g of vegetable oil and 1 g of rosemary extract, carefully cooked and steamed in the oven.
One of the methods of treatment of rhinitis is a dripping nose special healing mixture. It is composed of: 20 g of fresh juice calendula, 30 g of sea buckthorn oil, 10 g honey, 15 g of melted cocoa butter, and 5 g of propolis. Moisten the tool 2 cotton pad, enter them into both nostrils and leave in nose for 20 minutes.
At night obvorachivanie feet with gauze soaked in alcohol tincture of Cayenne pepper. On top of the dressing put on warm woolen socks and go straight to bed.
Young children with a strong cold is recommended to bury the nose in freshly made red beet juice.