On the walk, the Rottweiler needs to be either on a leash or muzzled. Allow to play with the dog to strangers or pet is impossible, even if you are absolutely confident in the peaceful nature of the pet.
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The main goal in teaching the dog to respect and love. Explain what you can do, and what not, you have to understand dog language. One drill and empty shouting commands to civilize her fail.
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Setting the stage for a dog, you need to remember that at the age from 7 months to a year and a half is due for a serious turning point: the formation of character and to develop leadership qualities in your pet. At this time, the dog will test your patience first, simply refusing to obey commands, and then, if you will allow him to be too stubborn, maybe even try to roar or bite. If this happens, you are not properly educated puppy not fully explained to him who's boss. At the first sign of aggression towards you or to the side of households, it is necessary to consult a professional dog handler, and take a course OKD – General course of training.
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Females are usually less dominant, but this does not mean that they can pay less attention to education. On the contrary, to teach the bitch harder especially hard to cope with them in heat girls refuse to execute commands, you can try to escape in search of love or to attack another bitch. In those days, please keep your dog on a leash!
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Don't let the puppy do anything you don't want to see in an adult dog. For example, the grasping for the feet, even playfully, over time, can lead to sustainable habit. However, the methods of education in such a situation should be approached selectively. It is more efficient puppy shake gently, taking the withers.
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Do not attempt to raise a Rottweiler, using beatings, rejection, or other methods of violence. Dogs of this breed are the peacekeepers, but because you will quickly find common language with him, if he can get to obey you as the leader.
Follow proper nutrition. The puppy should get food only in strictly allotted time, otherwise there may be small pieces of treats in the form of encouragement for the team.