You will need
  • - receipt of payment of state duty;
  • - birth certificate;
  • - certificate of marriage (if any);
  • - photographs;
  • - the application for a replacement passport;
  • - old passport.
In order to begin the process of replacing a damaged passport, you will need to do three things: to pay a fee, take pictures and collect the documents. In this case the damaged passport you will also need to provide. In the absence of any problems of identification, your meeting with the passport registration officer shall limit myself to two visits (submission of documents and obtaining of a new passport). Please note that the replacement passport due to a defect in the document or damage it may require the payment of not only fees, but also a penalty (usually 100 to 300 rubles), although often limited to a verbal warning. Alternatively, you can specify as a reason not deterioration, and loss of passport.
Take photos and prepare two color photos (black and white) of size 35x45 mm. two photos are required for registration of a temporary certificate (if you need). At the passport Desk you will be given a form on which you pay the state fee (be sure to check all the details). For going to the passport office you will need the following documents: birth certificate, marriage, presence of children, receipt of payment of the fee, photographs and other documents that may require in the passport office.
Write a statement about the damage of the passport and together with other required documents submit it to employee UFMS. You can write the application by hand or print the blank and fill it out. The waiting period of the new document may vary from 10 days to two months (depends on the place and circumstances of applying for a new passport).
After a certain period come to the passport office for a passport. You will be asked to sign the application for replacement and in the passport. Carefully inspect the new document on the subject of omissions or errors. In the event of their re-discovery legal costs you will not pay. Give a temporary license, if any, you had. Don't forget to take passport provided all the documents.