You will need
  • liquid for cleaning jewelry;
  • - ammonia;
  • - tobacco ash;
  • - lemon juice;
  • - citric acid;
  • - baking soda;
  • - potato decoction;
  • - toothpaste.
In jewelry and hardware stores sell special tools to care for silver jewelry. Just wipe her silver spoon. Using this liquid to clean silverware and silver jewelry.
To clean silver using ammonia. For this is enough for one hour of dipping a silver spoon in a solution of alcohol (the ratio of water and alcohol is 1:10). If there is no time to wait, take a napkin and soak it in the solution and carefully wipe the product to remove stains. Ammonia is impossible to clean the silver with black.
Put silverware in a bowl of water and add tobacco ash, boil, then wipe the instrument dry. You can mix the ashes with lemon juice and RUB the darkened devices.
Citric acid is also very good to clean any silver items. Put the spoon in her solution for a few minutes, and she will again delight you with its brilliance.
Through the use of ordinary baking soda to clean silver items that do not have a lot of patterns. Take a damp cloth and using baking soda and clean the products before the disappearance of spots. You can also use a soda solution. Approximately 30 g of baking soda and pour 100 g of water. In the solution put silver jewelry in for a few hours. For best results, you the solution with silver objects bring to boil.
Make a solution of cream of Tartar for a few minutes and put items from the finicky metal, then wipe dry.
To restore the luster of silver devices will help the potato broth. Place in it a silver spoon for 10 minutes and they will be like new.
Silver spoon is well cleaned with toothpaste. Apply to a soft cloth and wipe the paste products.