You will need
  • large saucepan or enameled basin
  • foil
  • baking soda
  • salt
Need cupronickel wash in warm water with normal detergent for dishes, to get rid of surface dirt or grease. Don't overdo scrubbing darkening hard sponge – you can scratch the surface. For this reason, it is not necessary to use for cleaning Nickel silver soda powder, tooth powder and other abrasives.
Take a large pot or enamel basin put on the bottom sheet of foil and add the cupronickel spoons or other devices made of Nickel silver. Pour cupronickel hot water and add baking soda and salt (about two tablespoons).
Put the saucepan with the soda-salt solution on low heat and "cook" your Cutlery for fifteen or twenty minutes. Water does not have to boil – enough that it just stayed very hot.
Let the water cool slightly and remove from there brightened, shining Nickel silver spoons and forks. How to wash them to get rid of soda and salt and wipe with a soft towel. Your Cutlery now look like new!