You will need
  • - access to the Internet;
  • browser;
  • - ability to change code pages.
Open the site which provides services for creating widgets. For example,
Select the type of information block you need. On the opened page you can see all possible kinds of widgets.
View the offered blocks. Decide what currency you want to see in your gadget. Pay attention to how often update rates. For some widgets the update is done once a day, for others once every 10 minutes. Decide whether your informer information about whether there has been a decrease or increase in the rate of foreign currency against the Russian ruble. Once you decide the type and range of the widget, you need to check it in a special box. The bottom of the page click on the "Install"button.
The system moves you to the page with the installation instructions. For this initial you must configure the design. In the line "Color" click the color scheme that you would like to see the finished widget. Then specify the URL of the target page and the address of your electronic mailbox, which will be forwarded to the code of the chosen informer of currencies. Click on the "Install" button below.
After receiving the code, copy it. On the website, where you want to install widget currency, create a new block and insert the copied code by selecting the input format to full html.
Print a new block widget currencies in the desired area of the site.