Many ferns do not tolerate direct sunlight, so they can't keep up with southern window. Watering ferns need warm, soft water. During the growing season, watering should be abundant. In a period of rest and slowing the amount of water you need to reduce, but do not allow drying of the soil.
At the same time, we must bear in mind that excess moisture is also not good for the plants. The higher the room temperature, the more often you need to water.
Fern leaves (fronds) are also in need of moisture. Obrushivaet them every day with water from the dispenser in the hot season and during the heating season is not less than three times a day.
Pot fern put in a tray filled with gravel and water. Wet water vapour the air will favourably influence the plants. Regularly pour water in the pan. Earth in a pot, cover with wet moss to protect from drying out.
If fern big enough in capacity there is no room for watering down the entire pot to the input for 20 minutes to fully hydrate the soil.
If the fern begins to lose its leaves, and the remaining brown spots appear, it can be a sign of insufficient watering. In this case, cut all the greens and put the plant in a warm bright place, maintaining moderate soil moisture in the pot. After some time on the stem new leaves appear.
To prevent infection of fern pests, 1-2 times a month, you can spray the leaves with tobacco water. For cooking this means 100 g of tobacco dust pour 2 liters of hot water and insist two days.
If you have several pots with ferns, place them next to the evaporation from the leaves moistened shared space. At the same time, the distance between plants should be such that they can freely spread sheets.