Any nail decoration must fit in with the style of your outfit and be appropriate. So first decide in what situation you will face with this manicure. Think, what will be the colors of your clothes how restrained or rich jewelry would be your style. If you are going for a business meeting or on your clothes are made of cloth with bright print and big earrings, bright manicure is unlikely to be appropriate. Here you'll find stickers for French manicure – they are applied to the tip of the nail with a neutral base coat.
The size of stickers for your nails can be divided into 2 types – those that cover the entire nail and stickers, which is a small figure. The version covering the whole nail plate can be a single color or be transparent or colored background with a printed pattern. Those and other labels will significantly save time. Select a single color without a pattern ("dry lacquer"), not to spend time creating a smooth coating of conventional varnish. The Foundation with the transparent substrate allows to easily and quickly create the effect of a subtle painting on the nails.
If you prefer a more daring style, pay attention to labels with a Zebra print or leopard as well as imitating the skin of reptiles. In addition, an additional decorative effect creates a volumetric pattern elements. These stickers are sold under the name 3D or "bead". On the last picture are lined with small colorful beads.
There are three ways of applying the stickers on the nails. The so-called dry nail Polish have to be removed from the paper backing with tweezers and gently heat with a Hairdryer. When the film begins to twist and apply it to the nail, smooth out from center to edges, cut the excess.
Instances of adhesive applied to the dried base coat. Remove the sticker from the protective film, press it to the nail and spread.
If you decal, it needs a few seconds to put in warm water. Then align the center of the nail and remove protective paper. Gently press the sticker with the cloth to remove excess water. Cover the nail with a layer of transparent varnish-fixer.