You will need
  • - instructions for the electric stove;
  • - electric stove;
  • copper three-core cable;
  • tester;
  • socket;
  • - shield machine;
  • - screwdriver;
  • - pliers.
First, read the instructions — to choose the right installation place and determine how much wire and a is the cross-section. Then remove the plate from the packing material and inspect if there is any damage or any chips. After all, the aesthetic appearance of the plate is also an important element of our life.
The old stove must be removed to prepare the site for installation of the new. In the beginning check the housing guard for the connection. Introductory cable in the apartment needs to be copper, and its cross section not less than 6mm2, opening machine should be 40-50A. The wire to the electric stove should be separate — no other devices connect to it you can not!!! Cable conductor should be three: to zero, and the ground phase. Zero and the ground need to connect to different pads, the ground to the body, zero isolated from the body of the shank. The phase plug on a machine with a nominal 32-40A.
Next, note that on the other end was a three-pronged socket on 25-38A. To include electric cooker in network will buy the little white sockets that are installed in the wall. Assemble the plug. Cable liner from the socket to the plate to purchase PVA 3на4 (three to four sections). It is best to leave 2 meter cable to ensure a comfortable service plate.
Now, connect the plate with the cable and insert the plug into the socket. Note wire color: black is phase, blue — null, yellow-green — earth. The earth connects to the body of the shield, and then to the body of the plate. The machine in a Cabinet must be turned off!!! Now, make sure you have everything connected: to do this, take the tester and inspect the stove. The first thing tested is the lack of contact between phase and earth. On the tester set the mode 2mω — if you see the sign of infinity, all is connected successfully, you can safely use the stove.