First of all, decide the month in which will host your wedding. Favorable for a wedding is considered to be December – every year your love will grow stronger. According to national signs, it is not recommended to get married in January. The marriage, held this month, the bride faces early widowhood. The correct solution would be to get married in February. February's marriage promises a couple many years of love, loyalty and harmony.
If you have decided to register their relationship in March, be prepared for the fact that you have to live separately from each other. The volatility of both spouses – the result of the marriage, scheduled for April. To marry in may, according to national signs, is not recommended.
Auspicious month for weddings is June. Honeymoon those who have tied the knot in June, will last a lifetime. Bitter and happy moments in the lives of those who registered their relationship in July, will be equally. August wedding promises eternal friendship and love between the spouses.
If you dream of a strong Union, a peaceful and quiet life click to create a family September. Hard and heavy, according to national signs, what is your married life if the wedding you will play in October. But marriage in November promises a very rich life.
A huge role in choosing the wedding date also plays a day of the week, to be held wedding. The most favorable days of the week for weddings are Friday, administered by the planet Venus – the Keeper of peace and harmony, and Sunday, under the auspices of the Sun. If you have set a wedding date for Tuesday, whose patron is aggressive Mars, be prepared for the fact that your family life will be full of quarrels and scandals. Wedding on Thursday threatened adultery.
The most favorable numbers for the wedding date are 3, 5, 7, 9 and 12.