Search the Internet and download a free program called ePSXe. For example, you can use the official site torrent or any. To make it easier to configure the app, find the Russian version. Run the settings wizard ePSXe. Click "Start".
Go to "Settings" and select "BIOS". Here you can configure the program to protect the memory of computer and control hardware of the consoles. In the opened window click on "Choose" and select one of the BIOS located in the folder /ePSXe/bios. Confirm your selection and close the window.
Open the video settings. Specify the type of video plugin and click Configure. A window will appear with many options. If your computer is powerful enough you can skip directly to the unit Default Settings and select the Nice and for the weak PC – Fast. The results of this configuration will be installed automatically, but better to set them manually. After you specify all the parameters, click "OK" and close the video settings.
Adjust the sound. To do this, first select the plug-in. Just below in the opened window lists the types of sound tracks. Be sure to select the third item "Enable HA sound". The rest are activated at your discretion. After that, click "Configure" and enter preferred settings.
Select the settings menu item "CD-ROM". Re-select the plugin and set it to desired settings. Be sure to specify the Drive that the drive that you will use to read the game disc Sony PlayStation.In the item Interface select the interface to operate the actuator, which is designed for different operating systems.
Specify the settings of the joystick. Here just type the keys that will correspond to any command. Save the settings, insert the game disc Sony PlayStation in the drive and choose in the menu "File" Run CD-Rom.