Please visit the official website of the European Court of human rights. Select the language – English or French.
Note the vertical menu at the top left of the page. Locate the penultimate paragraph Applicants, when you hover over it the menu will pop up, select the second item Apply to the Court. In the following submenu, locate the penultimate paragraph of the Application pack.
Review information for those wishing to apply to the European court of human rights. In the list of countries, look Russian, click on it. This document is available in pdf format. It presents the "Convention on the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms", the protocols thereto and the form of the complaint. The information is presented in Russian language.
Complete the application form. Please provide information about yourself, place of residence and that state against which your complaints are directed. If you apply through a representative, please attach to the form a power of attorney with the signatures of both parties. For a description of the facts and violations of your rights, please use separate page, numbered iii and iv. Be sure to list any other international instances where you have requested to review your case.
List in item 21 of form all documents relevant to your complaint. Keep in mind that when sending a letter to the European Court you are required to attach copies of all these documents after the proceedings they will not be returned to you.
Send the appeal and all necessary documents to the following address:European Court of Human Rights Council of Europe 67075 Strasbourg CedexFrance.
Use the electronic form for the submission of complaints to the European court of human rights. Keep in mind that in this case, you should have copies of all necessary documents in electronic form. Form of filing appeals are located in the submenu Apply to the Court in the last line of the Application form online.