Before turning to the constitutional court of the Russian Federation, you should make sure that your request match the subject of the cases before this court. Since the practice of the courtand shows that many complaints had been addressed wrongly or the form and content of the complaint do not meet the requirements of the law, chief among them: the current law should affect constitutional rights and freedoms of citizens; a law applied in a specific case, which has already been considered in courtE.
Consider the unconstitutionality of what kind of law you want to show, prepare the arguments. Especially welcome to bring a courtebnoy practices of Russian and international courts. Indicate the significance of the problem and the possibility of improvement of the legislation on the subject.
Start drafting complaints, pre-reviewing the list of requirements to its content. It is required to specify:- the name of the authority that receives the complaint, the constitutional court of the Russian Federation;- details of the applicant (for physical persons - name and place of residence for legal entities -name, address, etc.); - data on applicant's representative, a description of its powers, except the cases when representation is implemented ex officio;- the name and address of the Agency that issued the act which is subject to verification, or participating in the dispute about competence;- the provisions of the Constitution of the Russian Federation and Federal constitutional law, giving the right to appeal to the constitutional court of the Russian Federation;- the exact title, date of adoption, number, source of publication and other data about the act, subject to examination, on the situation of the Russian Constitution subject to interpretation;- a specific, specified in the present Federal constitutional law, the grounds for consideration of the complaint of the constitutional court;- the applicant's position on the issue and its justification with reference to the provisions of the Constitution of the Russian Federation;- the request addressed to the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation;- list of documents attached to the complaint.
The complaint addressed to the constitutional Court, can be accompanied by the following documents:- the text of the standard under test, or the provisions of the Constitution subject to interpretation;- a power of attorney or other document confirming powers of the representative;- kvitanciya on payment of thcourtarctonoe duties.In addition, it may be the translation into Russian language of the documents and materials described in another language. As well as lists of experts and witnesses who will be invited to speak to the COP.
Prepared documents pass to the constitutional Court of the Russian Federation. You can do this by contacting one of the two reception rooms, located in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Sending complaints to KS recommended at the address: 190000, Saint-Petersburg, Senate square, the house 1. Check out the schedule and ' foster, you can visit the official site of KS by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.