Take table salt. Lay the garment stained seat up on a flat surface and sprinkle the area with salt. Then pour the contaminated area with lemon juice. Then rinse clothes in warm water. Typically, this method of removing contaminants is quite effective, but provided that you began to remove stain immediately after its appearance.
Use ammonia. In a glass of water add a teaspoon of ammonia. This solution wet the contaminated area of clothing. If necessary, repeat this procedure. Then wash the bag with detergent. For old stains, mix ammonia with turpentine in equal proportions. RUB the dirty place with a cotton swab dipped in this solution and leave until complete disappearance of the spots.
Use glycerin to remove ink stains from clothes. Immerse the contaminated area stuff in the glycerine and leave for two hours. Then thoroughly rinse the garment in warm water. For removing ink stains from leather mix glycerin with denatured alcohol. The resulting mixture with a sponge, RUB into the location of contamination. After this procedure the skin may be slightly discolored, in that case just well miss her special coloring agents.
Soak the soiled thing in warm milk. Leave it for approximately four hours. Then wash the thing in warm water with soap. To achieve greater effect, add water, a little borax (10 g in 100 ml of water). This method of removing ink stains it is recommended to use for removal of contaminants with velvet and colored fabrics.
If you need to wash the stain of ink with silk fabrics, use mustard. Add water, mustard powder to form a slurry. With this mixture RUB the contaminated spot and leave it in this form on the day. After the clear dried mustard slurry with a brush and rinse thoroughly thing. To remove ink stains from white fabric mix ammonia with baking soda (both one teaspoon per Cup of water) ammonia or hydrogen peroxide.