No matter which device you are going to rearrange the jumpers, be sure to unplug it. Even if their rearrangement in an enabled device, you won't break anything, the change will not take effect until restart, since reading the state of jumpers made in the moment of switching on the device.
As a tool to change the jumpers, use a pair of tweezers or small pliers. If after removing one of the jumper wires becomes unnecessary, put it in a container with a lid in case you need it elsewhere. If the jumpers, on the contrary, required more than it was originally, remove the extra jumper with some faulty devices: motherboard, hard drive, optical drive, etc.
If you want to select the mode of operation of the hard disk drive (Master, Slave, Cable select) and look at the sticker table on the housing of the drive. It shows the locations of the jumpers for all three cases. Optical drive mode is selected is simpler: it is enough to just move a jumper and its position corresponding to one of the three modes are indicated directly on the body. For the two devices are on the same train, the options are combinations of modes:- the first unit is Master, the second Slave; the first device - Slave, second Master;- both devices are Cable select.All other options will disable both devices.
Floppy latest models of jumpers. If got drive an older design, install a single jumper in the correct position for the device "B". If there are two drives located on the same cable, configure both devices the same. Some of them will be drive "A:" and a drive "B:" depends on their relative position (before or after the twisting on the loop). Direct discontnue cables without twists can be found only in computers that are not compatible with the IBM PC, they should be configured with jumpers a floppy drive as "A:" and the other as "B:".
On modern motherboards it is possible to meet only one jumper erase CMOS. If you need to carry out this operation, remove the jumper from pins corresponding to normal operation, move to another pair of contacts, designed to erase, hold there for about twenty seconds, and then move into place. The location of both pairs of contacts indicated in the instructions to the Board. If the appropriate jumper is not, in any case, don't erase CMOS circuit the batteries. Remove the battery, short the contacts on the Board, designed to connect, remove those contacts with a jumper wire, and then insert the battery into place.