You will need
    • duck 1pc.;
    • onion 1 PC.;
    • carrots 1 piece.
    • buckwheat 2/3 Cup;
    • garlic 1 head;
    • sunflower oil 2 tbsp;
    • salt
    • red and black pepper
    • nutmeg to taste.
Prepare the stuffing. Remove from buckwheat mechanical impurities. Rinse well with her. Cover with cold water so that the water covered the rump of approximately 2 see Salt, put on medium heat. Once the water boils, turn down fire and cook until tender.
Make a marinade for the duck. Crush peeled garlic on a small grater or with the help of special devices. Add salt, red and black pepper, nutmeg and vegetable oil. Mix well and leave to infuse for 5-7 minutes.
The duck thoroughly under cold running water. Dry with paper or linen towels. Put about 1/3 of the marinade inside the carcass. RUB the duck inside and out. Leave the bird to marinate for 40-60 minutes.
While duck is marinating, prepare the stuffing. Slice the onion into cubes and saute it with a little vegetable oil. Carrots cut into strips or chop on a coarse grater. Add it to the pan after the onions become transparent. Saute the vegetables for 5-7 minutes.
After the buckwheat is cooked, add vegetables. Mix well, let cool.
Finish stuffing fill the carcass. Sew thread. Put the duck in the sleeve for baking. Place the pan with the bird in the oven, preheated to 250. After 10 minutes reduce the temperature до180оС. After 40 minutes remove the duck from the sleeve.
Put the duck on the rack. Continue to bake for another 40-50 minutes. When the duck is ready and will get a Golden crust, place it on a flat dish, garnish with fresh herbs and vegetables.