Use when installing the ignition of a snowmobile, the most common version of his design – five-wire. In this case the connection uses the five insights of the switch, which is a wire with plugs on the ends. In contrast to the switch with six conclusions, this design allows you to exclude one control coil, which greatly simplifies the system.
Mount the electronic circuit elements of the ignition in a separate building, guided by the concept of the device.
The white wire of the switch connect to ground of machine, that is, close to the body. Without proper connection to ground, the switch can not work. If the device six conclusions connect the two white wires together.
The blue wire of the switch through the ignition switch connect to the high voltage transformer. The second output winding of the transformer to ground.
Red and black wires of the switch connect to the charging coil, they perform the function of the input charging voltage. Include in the chain between the findings of the "Stop" button and an emergency ignition switch.
The remaining wire is yellow or (rarely) green. Connect it to the coil control mounted on the basis of the ignition system.
After connection, check the ignition system to work. Crank the engine electric or manual starter, running the flywheel with magnets. This arises from the changing magnetic field created at the terminals of the coil AC voltage. After capacitor discharge, accompanied by the appearance of a spark, the engine starts and begins to work.