People with dark brown, almost black eyes are optimism, energy, determination and zest for life. They possess leadership abilities and incredible charm. In some cases, their desire to achieve a certain goal turns into an obsession that has a destructive influence on the personality.
Hazel eye color indicates sensuality, ingenuity and sociability, as well as the tendency to frequent changes of mood. The combination of these traits often makes brown eyed people amorous, but quickly loses interest in the object of yesterday's passion. In addition, the owners of brown eyes love pokapriznichat, however, this unpleasant feature is often kompensiruet ability to find common ground with others.
Eyes walnut shade point to daydreaming, indecision, vulnerability and sensitivity of their respective owners. They tend to be solitary, often worried over small things. However, in people with hazel eyes are strong traits, namely hard work and reliability. In addition, despite the modesty and softness, they are able to show some real strength of character if they are under excessive pressure.
Eyes deep blue talking about emotion and romance. We can say that blue-eyed people "live by heart". This is both their strength and weakness. So, for example, determination and fearlessness in people with blue eyes often combined with impulsiveness and tactlessness.
Blue eyes usually occur in the sentimental people who love to dream of beautiful. Unfortunately, not the ideal reality often provokes blue-eyed people for excessive touchiness, the moodiness and the demands of others. But many owners blue eyes have developed imagination that enables them to successfully engage in creative activities.
People with gray-blue eyes have determination, honesty, wit and reliability. Thanks to the good intuition and a highly developed sense of justice, they make excellent counselors that will never leave a friend in trouble. However, owners of gray-blue eyes sometimes lacks sensitivity.
Gray-eyed people have a brilliant mind, practicality, kindness and courage. As a rule, they successfully overcome all difficulties and always ready to help others. In some cases, overly developed authoritativeness and assertiveness of people with grey eyes turn into despotism towards others.
Grey-green colouring of the iris is characteristic of considered, hardworking and patient people who prefer to keep their emotions under control. However, despite its pragmatism, the owners of the gray-green eyes are able to show a real sensitivity and tenderness.
Green eyes say about sensitivity, kindness and sympathy, which are combined with pride and independence. Green-eyed people strive for perfection and expect the same from others, therefore, often seem unapproachable. Thanks to the talent to see through people, owners of green eyes often make a great career.
The most rare yellow eyes. Yellow-eyed people are very extraordinary, artistic, fearless, cunning and unpredictable. Among them are the very loyal and dedicated people, and extremely treacherous person.