You will need
  • - a contract or additional agreement;
  • - the new schedule of repayment of the loan;
  • - journal entries;
  • - the decision of the court.
If the client is unable to make timely payment on the loans, you can transfer a short-term loan into long-term. Terms of debt restructuring must be agreed by both parties.
In accordance with the current legislation you can renew the contract or make an additional agreement to the current document.
A new agreement or supplemental agreement make two copies for each party, put the signature of an authorized officer of the credit institution and the customer or the notary Trustee.
Before signing a new contract or additional agreement put out a new schedule of monthly repayment of the debt. Schedule match with the new conditions applicable to the credit institution at the time of signing the contract.
All data for the loan transfer with debit on the debit side 66 and 67 of the loan 51 loan 52. For a cash transaction, make the cost of credit is 50.
If all payments on a short-term loan were disbursed in a timely manner, the loan is not considered overdue and a long-term loan does not bear any penalties. If the timing of the payments were overdue, you have the right to assess and collect a penalty of 1/300 of the outstanding amount of the loan for each overdue day.
The conversion of loans from short-term to long-term is carried out not only by mutual agreement between the client and the creditor, but the judgment of this court, if the client came back with a statement on its insolvency. In this case, the debt restructuring may be issued for a period of 5 years. This is most often done in the case if the lender is unable to obtain as the calculation of the customer's assets or seize Bank account due to the fact that the client simply nothing.