Make a contract of cash loan in cash. It is necessary to define the currency. If it is issued in a foreign currency, you are recommended to familiarize themselves with the requirements of the legislation on this matter and to issue a transaction passport in the Bank. Otherwise, it is sufficient to prescribe the amount of the loan, to fix his besprotsentno and to determine the timing of the refund.
Remember that the contract of loan shall be effective upon the transfer of funds, i.e. transfer the amount received to the relevant documents. When you receive money in cash Desk it is necessary to make a cash receipt form TO-1. Using this condition, you can optimize the document management that periodically receives funds from the founder. In this case, is a contract of a loan for a large sum, and the fact of receiving a specific money fixed income orders.
Reflect the receipt of funds in cash under the agreement of the loan. If until the day of repayment in less than 12 months, the amount recorded on the credit of account 66 "Settlements on short-term loanm", and if more than 12 months, then the credit of account 67 "Settlements on long-term loan." Account 50 "cash" in this case to be in debit. However, you must remember that if the loan was originally listed in long-term loans, at the moment, when to the maturity remains less than a year, you need to put him on 66.
Do not show income when you receive borrowed funds in rubles in tax or accounting, and do not consider the return of the debt, to the expenses of the enterprise. If the loan received in foreign currency, the resulting exchange difference can be attributed to nerealizovannyi income or expenditure and to take into account in the taxation of profits.