You will need
  • - tool to remove and install the gas tank;
  • - air compressor;
  • - gas burner;
  • - anti-corrosion composition.
Drain excess fuel then remove the gas tank with mounts. Visually determine the location of damage. If it is not obvious or there is a suspicion that the tank was leaking in several places, identify any damage. To do this, cut a rubber tip which firmly closes the neck of the gas tank. Make the hole the tube of the compressor. Stop the hole from which fuel is supplied to the engine. Apply the compressed air and determine the place of diversion, place notes on them.
Rinse tank to the left fuel vapor that can detonate when welding. To do this several times to completely fill it with water and drain it. Last time you fill the tank with water completely and set it so that in the place where you will be welding, there was an air gap. To the neck of the tank, attach the hose and lift it above the level of the tankand, through him, could get heated gas.
Brew damage the tankand using a gas burner. When performing work, be sure to pay attention to not burn the metal. After applying the seam give Baku to cool. Then fill it with compressed air and submerge in water. If the tank does not leave air bubbles, repairing is over. Otherwise, repeat the procedure again, brewed a pot in the place where out the bubbles of compressed air.
Let the tankhave to dry completely. After that blow it with compressed air, so that it remains as little as possible water and steam. If necessary, the feeding air under pressure, straighten the dents in the gas tankE. Produce anti-corrosion treatment tank with a special compound and allow it to dry completely. Install tank in place. Add fuel and make sure again that the leak is fixed. If there is no electric fuel pump, pump fuel mechanical pump until it gets to the carb.