Current recommendations on how to cook with gas, start with choosing the equipment, learn safety precautions when using gas cylinders. Reading the instructions first, decide what you are going to cook with gas welding steel pipe, leaking tank, or other surfaces as welding equipment substantially different in each of these cases. First, prepare the gas cylinder for acetylenedicarbonic gas welding, suitable for welding different surfaces even in hard to reach places.
Buy a burner with four bits, it first uses the smallest to work on it all the necessary movements and skills. Second, properly maintain the pressure in all hoses of the device, thus expose it to oxygen, and acetylene. The oxygen pressure must not exceed 0.3 MPa and for acetylene, the figure should not be below the level of 1 kPa. For gas-welding works and fit the oxygen hose, belonging to the III class, as it can supply oxygen to the gas cylinder with the optimal pressure, which provides the technique of gas welding for small joints.
Wanting to get a nice seam on the product, you can use the G3, but such a unit for gas welding requires certain skills, and safety should be given equal importance. Getting started with gas welding work, be sure to wear very tight pants and a jacket on his head – cap, as you risk burning the hair. Take care of your eyes, better use of domestic sunglasses, and a special welding mask, covering the face almost completely.
The technology of gas welding will be available for beginning welders after training at special courses. Only in this case you will learn to choose a torch for gas welding, selecting it depending on the type of work surface. Remember that to keep the device at the optimum angle, and the process of gas welding metallic pipe components and assemblies of the car, patching holes in the tanks is significantly different.
In each case, the pressure in the hoses for oxygen and acetylene should be different, the burner will have to hold at different angles to make a nice flat seam. Subsequently, after performing gas welding works, clean the scale properly, giving the product the most attractive.