Advice 1: How to measure the height of the heel

Even if you wear shoes with high heels is impossible for medical reasons, women tend to raise the foot at least three or four inches. This is understandable, because elegant shoes on high heels to visually elongate the leg, making it look slender and more attractive. But the simple question of how to measure the height of the heel, the answer turns out to be quite difficult.
How to measure the height of the heel
It is easier to determine the height of the heel in a child's or men's shoes. For children there are shoes or boots with small flat heel that allows the child's foot properly formed. Permissible height of this part of the Shoe – to 5 centimeters. To address whether these or other shoes for your child, take an ordinary ruler, a triangle or a tape measure and just measure the heel perpendicular to the line of the heel from its supporting horizontal surface to the soles.
The average men's shoes doing the same on a low, smooth heel, usually less than 1.5 – 2 cm, if it is a separate stacked heel, not molded together with the sole. If the sole and heel – one, then measure its height should be, given the thickness of the sole. This is especially true for warm winter boots. To measure you can in the same way as in the first case – ruler – from the horizontal support portion to the point of attachment of the Shoe uppers. But keep in mind that if the thickness of the sole is large, the heel actually has a smaller heightthan it will show you the division on the measuring instrument.
To determine the height of the heel on women's shoes difficult. Pay attention to the shape of the heel and its dependence on height. If the height of the heel on your shoes or boots less than 6 inches, it is considered to be low, and if above 9 inches tall. The higher the heel, the more sloped the top. This will directly affect your measurements.
Most often, the height of heel is defined as: from the horizontal plane of the printed cloth to the top of the curvature of the heel. The result will be more or less accurate in that case, if you have a low or medium heel.
If the heel is high, then more accurately measure its value, do the following: from the reference plane to the middle of the heel. A ruler or a centimeter it will not set back of the heeland side.
Try also to measure the height of the heel as it is done by shoemaker. On flat and smooth horizontal surface, install the Shoe last. Under her toe slid the index finger of the hand (the first phalanx) – if the height of the heel is visually less than 5 cm, or any object with a height of 8 mm if the heel portion is raised above 5 cm, and then measure the special square distance from the rear corner of the heel to the reference horizontal surface.
When measuring the height of the heel , take into account the sole. Many designers design the sole under the toes with a minimum thickness of 2-3 cm, which allows you to lift the foot of man to this height and make it higher. Heel in those shoes, for example, can reach a height of 11 cm, measured from the floor to the heel, but the heel is actually above the level of the foot will be raised only 8-9 see
When buying shoes in addition to measuring the height of the heel you must determine how comfortable and high in her pad. And remember that everything is good – in moderation. High heel is great; but the higher it is, the worse the condition of the legs in women.

Advice 2: How to measure the height at the withers

To control the process of growth and development of young dogs, determining their proportions to the standards of the breed, measured their sizes. Measurements are objective complement to visual assessment and also carry out during dog shows. The height at the withers is one of the basic measurements in assessing dogs according to standards.
How to measure the height at the withers
You will need
  • - special measuring ruler;
  • measuring the angle bracket.
If you don't have special measuring ruler, which is used to determine the size of the dog, make yourself a measuring square. Take two pieces of wood the size of 20-25 cm and 5 cm, glue them at a right angle to each other in the form of the letter "G", along a short bar stick centimeter measuring tape so that its zero mark was at the level of the bottom plane of the long bar. To improve the measurement accuracy, the inner side of the short bar, attach a small plumb – load on the cord.
Select the location where you will measure the height at the withers. She should stand on a flat surface on the floor, on the table (if it is a dog of a small breed) or at the site with firm and level ground. If you spend regular measurements of a young dog to control its development, spend them always at the same time of day, before feeding.
Put the dog directly. Determine where her withers – the highest point of the back, if the dog is quiet. It consists of the first five vertebrae of the dorsal spine. Visually it can be defined as a small elevation between the neck and the back of the dog.
The dog is not worried if you make measurements for the first time, let her sniff the tools. After the dog make sure that no danger for him they are not, proceed with the measurements. To do this, put a ruler or measuring area to the withers of the dog. The tool will overlap exactly on the withers, attach it so that it is in contact with the dog's body, but didn't press him. In long-haired dogs take the hair parted in the middle. Ensure that the ruler is stood in the upright position. If measuring area, the tape must not touch the plumb, it should be parallel and vertical.
When measuring the height at the withers of the usual measuring tape or roulette, the error can reach 2-3 cm in the direction of increasing actual size.
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