You will need
  • bags, rubber gloves, clothes covers, MOP, rags, bucket, basin, ammonia, means for cleaning upholstered furniture, cleaning of glasses.
Audits of all things.
Find those things that have become too small or worn out. Get rid or give it to repair broken things. Fold in the packages of things that need to be cleaned. When spring General cleaning air and clean clothes, before packing it in pouches. Wash unnecessary shoes, slather it with cream, fill with Newspapers to avoid creases during storage, fold into boxes.
Free from the things of the chests of drawers, sideboards, wardrobes, drawers. Wipe all the shelves first with a damp cloth and then dry. Carefully wipe the dust in the corners where it likes to accumulate. Leave all doors wide open for 1 hour.
Wipe shelves, and the books themselves vacuum.
Wrap the MOP slightly damp white cloth, wipe the dust from the ceiling and from the walls.

Get rid of dust lampshades and sconces. If you hang pictures on the walls within, don't forget to wipe the frames and clean the dust off of the pictures.
Clean upholstered furniture and carpets with a vacuum cleaner. If possible, eliminate the carpet on the street or give to the dry cleaners. At home to rid the upholstered furniture and carpets from contamination by using special tools that are sold in the store. Means in the form of foam or spray applied to the surface, dries, and then removed with a vacuum cleaner.
Remove the curtains and wash them. Remove dust from the eaves. Wipe window frames and glass. Wash the window sills. Rinse the flower trays and the flowers bathe in a shower or wipe the leaves with a damp cloth.
Remove dust and dirt from the surface of the furniture.
The deposition of dust occurs at low humidity. To prevent dust wipe the surfaces with a damp cloth or a cloth moistened with antistatic, so the dust is not attracted to the furniture.
Wipe the glass furniture cabinets with a soft cloth soaked in the liquid for washing of glasses. Grease stains from the glass surface good water, which added to the ammonia.
Wipe mirrors in the apartment.

Clean dirt from doors and radiators.

Complete General cleaning of the apartment washing floors.