Do not expect from male-Calf of the rapid development of the situation. Taurus is quite typical for quite a long time to walk around and "look" to you. This period can last several months. At this time to discover his passion can help a living manifestation of interest to you, alternating with sudden coldness and detachment.
The usual female things like flirting and coquetry, the Calf is almost no effect. So don't be surprised if the man Taurus will not respond to your flirting. Also don't try to understand man-bull, trying to arouse his jealousy. Your attention to other men, even ostentatious, Bull only alienate.
The nature of Taurus is practical and slow, so even when male-Taurus will begin to take you out, don't wait for manifestations of violent passions. But you can definitely count on romantic walks, pleasant and cute gifts, etc.
Powerful character trait of Taurus is conservatism. This affects his ideas about the role of men and women. So, Taurus is sure that the key in the pair can only be male. So it will not allow a woman to meddle in his business, criticize his actions, and to doubt the correctness of its decisions. In addition, he doesn't like making fun of him. If you are not willing to accept these traits of Taurus, better not respond to his advances.
In virtue of the same conservatism, and thoroughness man Taurus will be ready for a serious relationship only if it is able to fully provide for his family. That is, to stand firmly on the ground (and that he needs as earthly sign), Taurus you need to be confident in the future. So give it time to achieve the necessary level of financial stability. If man Taurus responds to you in return, you will become the mistress in his house.