If your apartment (house) held fixed telephone line (from "Rostelecom"), the more likely you will be able to connect to network "Buddytv". To verify this possibility, go to the website of the company at the address and select your region on the interactive map or in the "Area of service".
To apply for the connection, click "Connect" and fill in the electronic application form. In addition, you can request the telephone number listed at the top of the page or contact your nearest sales office,"Buddytv". The addresses of the offices you can see on the website or ask the operator on the phone.
If you already have the necessary network hardware (requirements can be found on the website under "Internet"), you only need to buy the package, so after a few minutes to connect to the network. To pay the provider as you can via SMS, so using your Bank card directly on the website of the company.
In the absence of a home phone you can request to connect via cable. In this case, you will need to have the computer installed network card. This device is equipped with all modern laptops and the vast majority of desktop computers. However, if necessary, to provide access to network multiple computers in the house, you will need to purchase a network switch or router.
Filling out the application, you will need to pay the provider according to the chosen rate and wait for the arrival of a specialist who will guide you in building cable and set the computer to access the network. In the future, you will be required to pay a monthly fee for using the services of "Buddytv".