Starting to study a foreign language from scratch, it would be nice to learn transcription. Typically, the transcription is written next to the word itself. At least it is done in textbooks designed for primary stage of education.
Transcription is a set of sounds that the reader should say in square brackets. Usually it indicates what the letter is stressed, what sound needs to be uttered, and what - not.
For example, consider the English word "know". Translated into Russiansecond language like "know". To complete the example, consider a simple phrase that is often used by students – "I don't know" (in Russian- "I don't know"). If the first two words do not raise the issue in reading in the third very often make the same mistake.
To understand what mistake is made, you need to see the transcription. Have the words "know" it will be the following: [PI]. This transcription shows that the first letter is simply not pronounced. In Russian the above phrase will be read as "ay dont Nou.
It is very important to pay attention to what is read "know", but not "know". Go the beginner it is quite hard to correctly read the words. If there were doubts in the correctness of pronunciation, it is better to take the wordsPb and check. Typically, in this literature about each word written transcription.
Also do not neglect the audio course. Listening to and reading text, you will remember many new words, plus your mind will remember how it's supposed to sound a word, and it will be automatically exposed the right pronunciation.