You will need
    • For meringue:
    • proteins of egg-4 pieces;
    • sugar 1 Cup;
    • vanilla sugar 1-2 teaspoons.
    • For the cream:
    • condensed milk 8-10 tbsp;
    • butter 200 g
    • For decoration:
    • chocolate bar;
    • walnuts.
Carefully separate the egg whites from the yolks. Whip the whites in a lush and elastic white foam. A thin stream pour into them half a Cup of regular and a teaspoon or two of vanilla sugar. After you enter the remaining sugar, gently stirring the mass with a spoon.
Place on a baking sheet greaseproof paper or grease it with oil. With a teaspoon put the future meringues or squeeze their candy bag. If the mass is whipped properly, it should keep good form, being laid out on a flat surface.
Bake the meringue for 1-2 hours at a temperature of 80-100 degrees. This process is more like drying than baking, so if the cooker is old and overheats from time to time to reveal it (but don't clap, or mass may settle). Meringue is ready when it hardens.
While the meringue is baked, prepare the cream. To do this with a mixer beat the butter until it becomes a lush (speed, put a small or a medium). Simultaneously, a thin stream pour in the condensed milk, increase the speed and whip the mass until smooth.
Lay out on a flat dish thick layer of meringue. The following meringue grab one, dip into the cream bottom and spread on first layer. All the other position so that the result is a slide.
Melt the chocolate in a water bath, mortar crush the walnuts. Pour the cake with chocolate and sprinkle with nuts.
Put the cake in the refrigerator to cool. When the cream hardens, you can serve dessert to the table.