Cake Paris-Brest: recipe with photos

To prepare the cake at home, first make choux pastry. 150 grams of wheat flour sift, to be fed with oxygen (this is mandatory!). Bring to a boil a glass of cold water with 100 g butter and a tablespoon of sugar (the sand must be fine!), remove from heat, and add the flour. Spread the resulting mass. When the dough becomes to come unstuck from the container and rolled into a ball, whip and enter the 4 eggs.

Please note: to properly prepare a cake "Paris-Brest", choux pastry with all the softness should stay thick and not spread, so by necessity some of the eggs do not enter.

Make a round billet of baking with a diameter of 18-20 cm and place on a moistened baking sheet. In this form, lay the choux pastry for the cake: first, one ring inside it – the second, on top of the third round (between the first two). For the beautiful upload, use a pastry bag. The remainder of the eggs, coat testani circle.

Note: choux pastry cake Paris-Brest" should be laid out so that the thickness of the ring was not empty seats. Otherwise, the finished cakes could break apart.

Take a tablespoon of almond petals. To do this, fill nuts boiling water, close the bowl for 15-30 minutes, the almonds will be softened, it can be easily cleaned and thinly slice. Petals, lightly pressing them into the dough, decorate a cake. Bake a round cake Paris-Brest at a temperature of 200oC for 40 minutes, until the dough "rise". Carefully cut the cakes in transverse lines on half, top the bottom the top will lay on a baking sheet and place everything in turned off oven for 5-7 minutes. Then give pieces of the cake to completely cool on a wire rack.


How to cook cream cake "Paris-Brest"

Begin to cook the butter cream for a delicious cake. To do this, beat 300 ml cream high fat with two tablespoons fine sugar, until the substance will become lush and dense. Squeeze the filling on the lower part of the finished wheel choux pastry, cover the top. Whipped cream garnish with fresh raspberries.

If you decide to cook a cake "Paris-Brest" in winter or autumn, when the hand only recessie frozen fruits come to the aid of berries from sugar mastic. The top is a delicious and beautiful dessert sprinkle with powdered sugar.

Helpful hint: if step-by-step recipe for the cake helped you bake great cakes, but careless transfer to the platter it fell apart, it is possible to disguise the crack with whipped cream.

Cake Paris-Brest: history

Delicious cake Paris-Brest, whose recipe originates from 1910, was first baked by pastry chef Louis Durand in honor of the eponymous race with the 1,200-kilometer route from the capital of France to Brest in the French Brittany and back. Ice circle similar in appearance to a Bicycle wheel.