You will need
  • - the contract;
  • calculator.
In accordance with the Land and Housing code, the amount of lease fees is calculated according to the formula A = S X PC X LC X HB. In this formula And rent, S – the area of housing or land, PC is the correction factor of the LC– zonal coefficient, BS is the base rate.
When transferring property to rental use all the coefficients in accordance with local laws. In each locality a different base rate, and zonal adjustment factors, so the calculation will look like individually.
For example, if you pass the housing area of 50 square meters, the base rate used in your region, equal to 5, the zonal factor – 2, correction - 4. Turns out that the rent for the year will be equal to 50х4х2х5=2000 rubles. To charge you once for the entire year, a quarter, six months or monthly. If the contract specified that payment should be made monthly, the payment will be 166,67 rubles.
The same method calculate the amount of lease charges for the land transferred for use by citizens according to the contract term or long term rental. The calculation factor is applied according to regional laws.
For example, you gave a land area of 200 square meters, the base rate is 10, the correction factor - 3, zone - 4. It turns out that the rent for one year is equal to 200х10х3х4=24000 rubles. When charging rental fees monthly payment will be 2000 rubles.
Under the transfer of land obtained in the course of the auction, apply the preferential zonal coefficient. Each subject of the Russian Federation has the right to use your concessional factor, but usually it is below three to five times more than the total used for land received in the queue. If construction is not completed within the time specified in the contract, you have the right to apply a common ratio.