First you need to post several articles on your site, so that it was not empty. They must be unique and readable. Don't forget that the volume of one article should not be less than 1000 characters without spaces. Also create a page on your site. The more pages with unique information on your site, the higher positions will be in search of.
About two weeks makes no sense to add a resource in the search engines, as for this time you need to fill a project material. After this term register in the system "Yandex Webmaster". To do this, go to Register your profile. Enter some information about yourself. If you have Inbox, be sure to specify it.
Once the profile is registered, you will need to add your site to the list. Click the "Add new site". Enter the address of the resource. The system will alert you to confirm the entered information of the owner of the website. Enter on the main portal page, a special meta tag. It will be generated by the system Yandex automatically.
Next you will have to wait some time until the system will index all the pages of the website. To check the position of your project in this search engine, click "Search queries". The system will automatically give you the most frequent combination of queries that users navigate to your project. Index CY also shows certain positions of the website in the search engine. For Google, this factor does not apply. The Internet also are a number of articles that describe the principles of increasing the position of your project in the network.