Come to the market with a clear idea of what exactly you want to get from the purchase. Decide what you need the coat. How long are you planning to wear? How warm fur you need? These questions will help you better prepare for the selection of fur coats.
The main objective indicator of the fur – wear, all others are subjective. The long term wear furs of the otter, the short - the rabbit and the hare. Well-crafted mink coat will last you about 10 seasons. All this is true only under condition of observance of rules of storage of fur products.
First smell coat. Factory products do not have a sharp unpleasant smell, but the "snovidenie" often suffer from this.
Swipe your hand against the fur. The undercoat should be thick and soft. Guard hairs should not break.
Shake your coat. Too abundant shedding hairs, may be indicative that the dressing of fur was held with violation of technology. Don't forget, "the litter" for new coats – a natural phenomenon, but it should not be excessive.
Inspect the coat thoroughly. The fur on the whole area must have an equal length, must not be dented and even more bald spots. Pay special attention to the hidden places: under the collar, on the inner side of the shelves, armpits,.
Do not select too light a coat. Ease is achieved through the stretching of the skin, and it makes the fur of rare and less warm.
If you buy a mink fur coat, fur strength can be checked as follows: lift up the coat, grabbed his fingers a few hairs. Slightly shake her. A well-crafted fur is resistant to such tests.
Whenever possible, choose a coat with sewn bottom edge. This will allow you to examine the fur from the inside. The skin should be soft and elastic. If the leather fabric rustling or too hard, the coat will last a long time.
Inspection of the coat from the inside will allow you to determine the quality of the tailoring. Plate fur must be at least 15x15 cm Mink cloth may have a length of 50-90 cm Too narrow or small pieces of fur make the fur less wear resistant.
If you want the coat served for a long time, do not choose products made by "Italian technology". This coat of long, narrow pieces sewn on the bias. The color selected on the computer. The finished product looks very impressive, great fur shimmers in the light and flowing. But the seams eventually stretch and become more visible. Wear this coat like a decomposed into pieces.
Often sellers try to sell a fur coat is more expensive, referring to the rare color of fur. So check that you have dyed your hair. The most expensive natural color of fur of mink – "black diamond". It's black fur with a slight bluish or violet tint. But it is very easy to create using dyes of the cheaper shades. Spread the fur and look at the undercoat and the scrapings. The undercoat must be absolutely black, and the skin should not be visible traces of paint.
To distinguish mink from the fur of a Groundhog or rabbit, look at the guard hairs. The mink it is hard, rabbit - soft. The fur of a Groundhog different from a mink non-uniform length. The mink podpushek and spine have the same height all over.
Buying a fur coat from black Fox, look like dyed hair length. Fox has three colors: black, white, gray. If the hair is painted only in two shades – in front of you much more cheap lisois.
If you buy a fur coat dyed a fashionable shade, swipe on the fur slightly damp hand to test color fastness. Do not forget that coloration often try to hide the defects of fur.
Don't forget that a fur coat is sewed not only from fur. See how made lining. Curves lines, open seams, threads sticking out of show low quality of the product.
Pay attention to the behavior of the seller. If he is confident in the quality of its product, it is easy to react to all of your manipulation of the coat. When the slightest attempt to touch the fur dramatically suppressed, give up the purchase. If the coat cannot survive the touch of buyers, as it will be after rush hour in public transport?