Having decided to purchase, contact the specialized stores. The wider the choice, the more likely to find the fur coatof your dreams. If you are planning to choose a model on the market, or to buy a fur coat from a private seller, keep in mind that, if discovered in the socks of a defect you will not be able to return the purchase.
Select a few models and try them on. The coat should feel comfortable, not to pull, not to warp. If you are planning to wear a fur coat with a jacket or thick Jersey, not try it on a thin turtleneck. Especially carefully evaluate the fit of the shoulder belt in the chest area. Don't comfort yourself that the coat eventually "sit" on the figure. If you feel uncomfortable, look for another model.
Rate the weight of coats. If it is too heavy and rigid, it is likely that fur is bad processed scrapings. A good coat should be soft, plastic, well it hugs the curves of the body.
Shake your fur coat. From him should not be separated fine fibers, it should not rattle or rustle. Correctly treated, the fur does not emit odors, his hairs tight on the flesh side, do not break off and not bristle. Run your palm on the fur – it needs to be smooth, homogeneous, with the pile lying in one direction.
If the painted coat, RUB the fur of a clean handkerchief. Remarking on fabric footprint, refrain from buying low-quality dyes are not so rare. This fur coat can deteriorate after the first snowfall.
Look under the hem of the coat. Long models are usually not sewn up, so consumers can see for yourself the quality of fur processing. Sewn lining – a reason to be suspicious. Perhaps the manufacturer or seller has something to hide. Feel metro – it should not be wet or stiff. Well-tanned leather is dry, smooth and silky to the touch.
Inspect the seams. Make sure the coat is sewn carefully, without bending and nezastroennoe sites. Lining fabric should be thick enough – if the manufacturer has saved on quality, after a month of wearing at shoulder seams and at the armhole can go and sew them will be problematic. Check for hooks. If one or two will not, ask for a discount on a fur coat. This also applies to other small defects – for example, tightening on the lining.