You will need
  • - Replaceable batteries
  • - Paper towels
  • Bank of canned food
Try changing the batteries in your kitchen scales. Perhaps the cause of the fault that ended the previous charge in the batteries.
Wipe scale with paper towels. To do this, they can even disassemble. However, it is not necessary to do this if you are not sure then able to return the scales to their original state. It is likely that during operation the movement got kitchen scales food particles and it failed. By the way, note that some scales may not show the exact weight, if the dimensions of the weighed product is more than the weights themselves.
Turn on the button calibration. Hold for at least 30 seconds until the scale display does not appear the word "CAL". Then the display will show information about the weight that should be put on the scales for calibration. As a reference weight, you can use a jar of canned food,or other container where exactly the specified weight. After 3-5 seconds the display will show the word "PASS". Remove the resulting weight value and turn off scale , the calibration is finished. If calibration was not successful you will see the message "FAIL".