To achieve the goal need to buy fishing tackle and bait. You can earn by illegal means, but it is better to go the honest way, not using cheats. And since initially the player is only a small amount, will have to take the credit. To fear there's nothing to return it will not be difficult after a couple of hours, after which your account will accumulate a net profit.
It is not necessary to borrow at interest big money. Take a loan of 500 rubles – it will be enough to purchase basic necessities. Buy one rod in addition to what you already have. Don't forget to store fishing line and a hook, it will take a little bit of money to save here will not succeed. For bait buy cabbage and greens. If in addition to the credit funds you previously managed to earn some money, you can Supplement their stocks of peas.
Go to the location "North coast" and go on a fishing base "Lake". To get here is very important because on this basis there is never a fishery, and you have no fear of penalty. Any other place would be the risk to meet with law enforcement officials, and then the whole plan goes to hell.
The "North shore" perfectly caught the carp, which will help you earn money. You can sell on base at a good price (400 rubles per kilo). And greens, cabbage and peas need in order to catch small specimens, because large fish (over 1.5 kg) easily breaks the rod, and their purchase of additional expenses.
Start to catch, use both rods, and after a few hours of active fishing you can easily catch at least four carp (500 grams each). Sell them, thus earning at least 800 rubles. Do not stop there, after a while you will have a good capital.