You will need
  • - list the components of the waste;
  • tables and calculations to determine hazard class.
To deliver the waste to the class of risk by using the calculation method, find the rate (K) is a measure of the degree of hazard of the waste for OPS (the natural environment). If the waste consists of several substances, calculate its score as the sum of indicators of risk of these substances (Ki). So first of all install:a) a list of components of waste (composition);b) the quantitative content of each component.As a rule, the composition of waste is determined by the composition of the feedstock, given the changes happening with him in the process, or on the basis of chemical analysis results.
Now calculate the indicator of the degree of hazard of each waste according to the formula: Ki = Ci/Wi (Ci - concentration of component waste, and Wi - the coefficient of the degree of danger for OPS). For the determination of coefficient (Wi) in the Order of the Ministry of Natural resources "On approval of criteria for classification of hazardous waste to the class of hazard for the natural environment" dated 15.06.2001 of the year there is a special table (see drawing).
If you have a degree of danger components of waste in any natural environments, with their help it is possible to calculate the relative parameter risk component of the waste to CV (Xi). This is done by dividing the sum of scores of all parameters on the number of these parameters. The coefficient Wi can be calculated by one of several formulas (reference:
The coefficients (Wi) view in the table (see picture). Here are the most common components of waste that can be dangerous for OPS.
Once you have calculated the exponents of the danger of the individual components of the waste Ki, calculate the index K as a sum of individual components (K=K1+K2+...+Kn).
Now calculate the class of danger of waste on the natural environment in accordance with the table (see picture). If the waste falls into the fifth class of danger should confirm his experimental method. Otherwise, you will have to qualify the class of danger as 4th.
To determine the class of danger of the pilot by contact specially accredited for these purposes, the lab.