The question of the purchase contract engine has a number of subtleties, focusing on which will be the key to a successful acquisition. When you buy a contractual engine, make sure that the vendor has a good reputation and you can rely on him. Not looking for cheap proposals from individuals, because you risk to lose invested in the purchase money, in vain trying to prove that the unit purchased is faulty.
Tell the vendor the correct details of your vehicle: model, make, chassis number, year of manufacture, engine number, VIN code for European cars. Ask the provider to provide you a picture purchased your contract engine, so you can compare the device in its ordering and receiving.
Be sure to learn how to guarantee your vendor provides on this engine and how long the period of its validity. It is also important to know the conditions of installation and operation of the device.
With the same provider buy oil filter and engine oil. In this case, when the unit fails, the supplier will not be able to present you claims relating to the usage of substandard supplies.
Find out what documents are attached to the device. Contract engine needs to go the public customs Declaration and contract of sale. The absence of these documents indicates that the engine has already operated on territory of the Russian Federation.
Learn all about the stock engine-mounted units. As a rule, it has alternator, starter, power steering, distributor, AC compressor, exhaust and intake manifold. The lack thereof gives you a reason to resort to bargaining when buying contract engine.
Payment is made on the receipt or in cash, as the fact of payment, made by transfer of funds on a plastic card difficult to prove.
Ask the supplier that the unit was wrapped in tape, that when a delivery is not removed a single element, the engine was in a wooden crate, before shipment was made the inventory of the engine, and the documents were transferred to the company carrying out the transport.
Upon receipt of the unit, verify the integrity of the film, crates and all necessary documents.