If you compare the ability to hear, compared to women, men hear bad. In addition, it is difficult to decipher female voices, because for this we have to use "classroom" part of the brain responsible for the perception of musical compositions. The complexity of women's voices due to the structure of the larynx and ligaments, as well as a more varied melody of speech. Thus, in conversation, the man spends far more time on the decoding of the message of his wife than the words of man. Another reason the "male deafness" in the large difference between male and female thought processes. A man who received information, starts to analyze it. And he does it silently, while women tend to think out loud. Projecting their physiological feature on the partner, the woman begins to think that he didn't hear.Deciding to discuss something important, ladies do not always pay attention to the appropriateness of the conversation at one point or another. It is not surprising that the man does not hear, if you started talking about grades son during a demonstration is very important for his favorite soccer team match.In some cases the reason why men don't listen, it becomes wrong tone. The nature of men very strongly opposes the demonstration of female omniscience and finality. For example, if a spouse begins using the word to say: "I know better" or "We will do exactly as I said, her husband just from the contradiction of "deaf" and do the opposite.How to do a woman to be heard? First, choose to talk any time. Second, to speak without raising his voice and without any hysterical notes, which are generally permanently cut off men's ears. Third, do not press him to give a man time to think about the problem. And most importantly: if you want to be heard – learn to listen.