In the event if failure of the LAN network was caused by the installation of any program, be sure to remove it. Perform a full uninstall of a program. Click the "start" menu and select "control Panel". Click "add or remove programs".
Find the newly installed app, select its name with the left mouse button you click the Delete button. Follow the steps below to complete this process. Open the folder containing this utility, and delete the remaining files. Then restart the computer.
If the local network is still working properly, reset all the prescribed routes. To do this, press the Win key (start) and R. Type cmd in the field provided and press Enter. Launch the Windows command line.
Enter the command route –f and press Enter. After clearing all the routes again restart the computer. Start the service to fix problems with the network. Open the control center network and sharing, click on the icon network connections.
Select "Change adapter settings". Right-click on the icon of the desired network card. Select "Diagnostics". Wait for the operating system will perform all the necessary manipulations. Restart the computer and check the quality of the network.
To restore the network built with the router, you must reset the operating parameters of this device. Disconnect all cables from the equipment, press the Reset button and hold for a few seconds. Usually pressing this button, you must use a pen or stylus.
Turn on the router and reconfigure the settings of his work. During system reset, deleted all settings, including the routing table. If you are not sure that you will be able to restore the desired settings, use the factory settings of the equipment.