You will need
  • The details of the customer, information about the provided services or sold goods.
Before you put the expense, sign the contract between the customer and the contractor. This document already States the amount, payment of which shall be made on the account, and the necessary requisites of the organizations.
When making the accountand use the program Excel or a specialized accounting application. The document must be assigned a unique number and marked with the date of his discharge. Details of the organizations are written in the header of the invoiceand in the upper left corner. First comes the information on the payer or customer, and then the recipient or contractor.
Below print a table that will contain the information about the provided service or sold product. In each column respectively: quantity, price and total amount. Then in each new row, print the name of the service or product. Rates and amount are written on the basis of the information set forth in the contract.
If the payment is subject to VAT, the last right-hand column indicate the amount to which this tax is added. Write to clarify that this figure was formed, including VAT, and reflect the tax rate.
Then write how much the customer must pay only with an indication of the total expensein rubles and kopecks. Below should be written the number of items of goods or services indicating the total amount of their value.
Print and sign the expense of the company Director and chief accountant. If you are an entrepreneur, put your signature in both boxes. It also applies to those companies where the duties of the accountant I Director of the company.
Send the invoice to the payer by courier or by mail. In order that customer can pay for goods or services much faster, without waiting for the original document, make it scan and send by e-mail.