Run the program "1C: Salary and Personnel Management". Check the correctness of the data on wages and earnings. Open the Menu and start processing the "upload data into the accounting program," which will allow to upload all payroll information in the program "1C: Accounting".
Check that the name of the company the requisite "Organization" as the instrument for accounting programs, which is unloaded salary. Otherwise, when data is loaded it will create a new organization, which would entail certain difficulties.
Click on the link "Use accounting program ...". This will open the "setup" where you enter the number of the required information. Open the tab "accounting salaries".
Select the name of the accounting software into which the data will be uploaded. Then check the discharge mode of transactions that can be "detail by employee" or "free." The first option should be selected only if you first perform the operation of loading or you have the other more compelling reasons. Choosing this item every time you only increase the information base of the program "1C: Accounting", which affects the speed of its work.
Select the period for which salary is unloaded. As a rule, and the date of the reporting month. Next, refer to the requisite "data File". Remember that the upload format is xml, so do not change the extension, but the file name can put any and save it in any convenient place.
Go to "Paged object" and specify the documents and registers that is transferred to the program "1C: Accounting". If you want to carry or regulatory accounting to reflect the accounting data on insurance premiums and personal income tax, put a tick near the corresponding labels.
Check that all the props to unload salary to the program "1C: Accounting" are correct. Click "Run" and wait for the process. Start the accounting program and verify the downloaded data.