You will need
  • - Opera browser
Launch the Opera browser, and navigate to the page containing the desired picture. Wait for it to load completely. About the incomplete download will be to testify that the animation is playing slowly or intermittently. Click on the picture, right-click.
If after clicking the menu, in which there is an item "Save image" (this means that the picture format is gif), click on the menu item. In the window that appears, specify the save path, optionally specify a name and click "Save". If after clicking the right mouse button menu appears in which there is no option to "Save image", then the picture format is swf, i.e. copy it the above way will not work.
In this case, enter in the browser address bar opera:cache and click Enter on the keyboard. A window will appear through which you can access the browser cache. Cache is the data that the browser uses to display web pages, they can be program code, banners, images, music, etc.
In the lower part of the window is a list of files that you've visited recently. Click on one of them, which have you noticed any picture. Click "Preview" to the right of the name of this website. The following window will appear a list of files downloaded from this site. Search for among them a file with a name that can be associated with the theme of the roller and the extension *.swf.
If you found the desired file, click on it. In the window that will start playing the animation. If this is not the file, press Backspace to go back. When you find the picture, click the right mouse button and from the appeared menu choose "Save the link as", enter the path to the file and click "Save".