Configure Windows to connect to the server properly. Usually the software needed to create a VPN included in Windows Server operating system. It is better to set it not to acquire any additional network equipment.
Download Windows Server and hit the "start" button, select "Programs", "administrative tools" and "configure your server Wizard". Open the "Remote access / VPN Sever" in the list of services.
Click on the circle to the left of the option "Virtual private network VPN and NAT". Select the network adapter that connects the computer with the Internetif it is available.
Select the option automatically assign IP address. Select "No, use routing and remote access to authenticate connection requests" to go to the page "Managing multiple remote access servers".
Click the "start" button, select "Programs", "administrative tools" and open "Active users and computers". Go to "Remote access" tab under "Properties". Select "Allow access" for each user that you want to access the server via VPN.
Go to the computer name you wish to connect to the server via the Internet. Press "start", open "control Panel", then "Network and Internet" "Network and sharing center setup new connection or network".
Select "Connect to a workplace", "Use my connection to the Internet" and enter the IP address of the router to connect to the server. To find this address, open the router configuration page.
Enter the user name and password for the account, which provides access VPN. Use a VPN connection to connect to the server.