You will need
  • - reference stand of timber
  • - boards with a minimum thickness of 2.5 cm
  • - roofing material
  • - antiseptic composition for wood
  • long screws for wood
  • - a drill or screwdriver
Often need to repair hardwood floors is caused by destruction and deformation of beams. Reinforcement is a replacement of the item of the slab or its fragments. In rare cases, the state of the structure is such that it requires dismantling and erection of new.
Works on strengthening of hardwood floors starts with the installation of the support pillars that will support it in a horizontal position. For this purpose you can use timber with a section of 10/10 cm (or more) of thick, wide planks, metal thick-walled pipe. If the house has several floors, and the need to strengthen the upper rack should be located on all floors and located one above the other. At sagging support beams must be of sufficient length to raise them to a horizontal position.
If during the construction of the building was incorrectly performed the calculation of the distance between the beams and the ceiling can withstand the weight load will need extra reinforcement design of beams of similar cross section. The presence of this material, care should be taken in advance.
After placing the supports are taken for dismantling of cladding of the slab: remove finishing materials, plaster boards. Next, inspect the beams and evaluate their condition. The replacement of damaged is necessary in that case, if they are ruined throughout. But most require the installation of pads. So-called durable boards with a minimum thickness of 2.5 cm and a width corresponding to the height of the beam. Setup attached to both opposite sides of the timber in the place that needs strengthening. It can be seen, the area of decay or rot. The length of the boards needs to be more damaged part of the beam.
To be sure the bearing capacity of the slab often produce amplification at the ends of the boards. If in places of intersection of the beams has damage, this suggests that there was improper installation of the overlap or lack of proper waterproofing. Therefore, the socket where the ends of the beams, littered with roofing material, the timber set lining, and wood is treated with antiseptic solution.
If you need to change the fragment overlap the damaged beams removed in the same nest placed new. If possible, install new beam no beam throughout the length of the reinforcing boards which are fixed with long screws in wood. If the timber in some places rotted, and the ability to replace it for the gain use a metal I-beam, which pulls the wood using long bolts.