You will need
  • - clean warm water;
  • - a sponge or a rag;
  • - cleanse Windows
To clean not very dirty glass you can do without the use of chemicals, washed them clean with warm water using a sponge or cloth. For a more efficient wash you can use a special cloth for glass.
To remove more significant impurities, use chemicals to clean glass. They help in cleaning dirt, grease, traces of insects. To buy cleaners for glass at any auto parts store.
During long trips on the glass remains street dirt, grease, particles of sand, smoke, tar, soot, etc. Chemical pollution is difficult or impossible to wash with water or with simple tools for cleaning glasses, because they are firmly held on the glass.
When cleaning the glass a high degree of contamination, use a detergent specifically designed for this. They include surface-active substances (surfactants), solvents and various additives. These highly active drugs is required prior to application dilute with water in ratio of 1:5.
For example, you can use a special detergent - "Autochemical-2 glasses", which you can wash the glass by hand, or adding it to the washer. There is also a part of the "Autochemical glasses." It should not be used for washing of glasses of the carbecause it is designed for ordinary Windows.
For cleaning you can use a special tool "Nitinol". Apply it on the surface of the glass using a soft cloth or cotton wool and then wipe with a dry paper or cloth.
Recently, the popular cleaning products for glass in the aerosol cans. One such tool is the "Second 75", with which you can easily clean the glass of the car from inside and outside (in the car while Smoking smoke cigarettes the glass forms a nicotinic plaque).
If you have tinted automotive glass, wash them as usual. However, do not use abrasive cleaners and cleaning brush.
In the cold there is a very great risk of ruining the car, in this case, it may need polishing. To avoid this, it is better to have car spray for defrosting, which can be used without damage to remove from the Windows of the ice, and solve the problem with a frozen lock. Do not use scrapers, otherwise you can scratch the glass.
In the winter it is recommended to use "Authorattribute" in an aerosol spray can. With it, you can easily remove ice and frost from the glass (apply on clean surface of glass, melted glass wipe with a dry cloth), as well as prevent further icing (to do this, apply a thin layer of aerosol). Then tape the freezer, remove with a wet cloth or rag.
Also during the winter increases the wear of the wipers, so it is advisable to clean them as often as possible, not less than 1 times a day. Glass will last longer if you take home for the night janitors to clean and dry. Do not use the wipers, which are stuck pieces of ice, as this will damage the windshield of your car.