Agree that the person is entitled to their point of view. Someone close to you is not your slave. And he is not obliged to do what you want. Even if his behavior is hurting you, he has the freedom of choice to do so.
Of course, you don't have to be victims. But to change the situation we must start with the recognition of the freedom of the other. Agree within yourself to look at the person as a person, have their own views, tastes, and principles of life. I'm sorry if this person you hurt.
Find out what a man's dream. Do not think that he would just eat, sleep, Yes, watch TV and more nothing in life interested. Dreams often come from his childhood. Ask questions, talk with a man until then, until we figure out what he wants or ever wanted.
Find out what he was trying to do in order to get closer to his dream. Often bad behavior is due to the fact that they are desperate to reach his goal. In this step, you do not give any advice, just listen. You need to understand the problem person. Try to look at life through his eyes.
Find information about how other people have achieved similar dreams. Here you have to work hard. Find a good real-life examples. Will have to read a lot of books and articles. It would be nice to meet people who have achieved success.
Doing this information gathering a secret. Your task - to prepare well for the next step. You will have to talk to the person that his dream was achievable. He was inspired, you must be inspired by this idea. And because you need proof. Search them until you find it.
Show the man how he can get closer to his dream. Be careful and wait for the moment when people will be ready to have that conversation. Create the necessary atmosphere. Tell us all about what you know. Express confidence that he can achieve success.
At the end of the conversation say that you have a small request. And explain what you expect of him. Because you care about his dream, he can be sensitive and open to your requests. It is likely that you will find a compromise on the issue that affects you personally.