Advice 1: How to influence a person

People sometimes behave so that our life is like poisoned. And I want to influence a person to correct their behavior. The hardest thing affect the family, but also for this case a good plan of action.
Negative emotions do not have a good impact
Agree that the person is entitled to their point of view. Someone close to you is not your slave. And he is not obliged to do what you want. Even if his behavior is hurting you, he has the freedom of choice to do so.
Of course, you don't have to be victims. But to change the situation we must start with the recognition of the freedom of the other. Agree within yourself to look at the person as a person, have their own views, tastes, and principles of life. I'm sorry if this person you hurt.
Find out what a man's dream. Do not think that he would just eat, sleep, Yes, watch TV and more nothing in life interested. Dreams often come from his childhood. Ask questions, talk with a man until then, until we figure out what he wants or ever wanted.
Find out what he was trying to do in order to get closer to his dream. Often bad behavior is due to the fact that they are desperate to reach his goal. In this step, you do not give any advice, just listen. You need to understand the problem person. Try to look at life through his eyes.
Find information about how other people have achieved similar dreams. Here you have to work hard. Find a good real-life examples. Will have to read a lot of books and articles. It would be nice to meet people who have achieved success.
Doing this information gathering a secret. Your task - to prepare well for the next step. You will have to talk to the person that his dream was achievable. He was inspired, you must be inspired by this idea. And because you need proof. Search them until you find it.
Show the man how he can get closer to his dream. Be careful and wait for the moment when people will be ready to have that conversation. Create the necessary atmosphere. Tell us all about what you know. Express confidence that he can achieve success.
At the end of the conversation say that you have a small request. And explain what you expect of him. Because you care about his dream, he can be sensitive and open to your requests. It is likely that you will find a compromise on the issue that affects you personally.
Do not try to manipulate the man. Showing concern and love, you touch the human soul. Trying to manipulate, you will only ruin relationships.
Useful advice
Person has the right to disagree with you and not to succumb to your influence. In this case, leave him alone and show by personal example how to live. Please be patient.

Advice 2 : How to influence subconscious

The subconscious mind is responsible for the actions that you perform on the machine, without thinking. It controls not only the instinct of self-preservation, but is a repository of vital information. All your fears, complexes, values and attitudes embedded in the subconscious. To some extent it controls the consciousness of man, causing a certain range of feelings (guilt, fear, euphoria, etc.) and encouraging specific behavior. If the subconscious mind has such power, then learning to act on it, it's easy to influence person.
How to influence subconscious
One of the most famous methods of influencing the subconscious mind – hypnosis. With the help of hypnosis immersed in a dram or pseudocon, why the mind slows down, and man can inspire anything. In medicine is widely used as a kind of hypnosis. It helps the person to get rid of addictions, fears, emotional and personality disorders, sexual problems.
Neuro-linguistic programming is also a popular way of influencing the subconscious mind. You copy the pose, facial expressions, gestures of the person, speak in the same pace that he will keep the same time gap between words and pauses, speak only to interested person topics. Thus, You can easily walk in confidence, become a friend. The impact on the person is conducted through multiple channels of perception. When man hears and sees, and feels the same, it is difficult to resist such pressure information.
Subliminal techniques have a success at influence on the subconscious. Many have heard about the effect of the 25th frame. Or in movies where the hero enjoys a certain brand of phone. In this way the viewer is forced to buy the same phone.
The method of multiple repetition is often used in advertising. You can't take seriously a product that you are promoting, but your subconscious mind will record information about what they saw. And when you find it on the shelves of the store, you will want to buy this product.
To hypnotize a person can be in a cheerful state. This type of street hypnosis are the scammers: Gypsies, thieves, pickpockets. All their actions are geared to the person stopped, looked at them with wide surprised eyes, his brain formed the focus of excitation, and gradually he loses the ability to control their minds. With the help of sudden, unexpected words of sympathy, joined to the condition of the victim, scammers call unconscious sympathy for yourself. And you can do with a victim of everything that I want.
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