If you are tired of winter and you want to bask in the warm sea, go to the resorts of Cuba, Israel, Jordan. At this time in is a comfortable temperature, no sweltering heat. But the sea is warm, low rain and no wind. Aside from beaches, you can take a fascinating guided tour. And here is a favorite of many tourists to India in March meets sorokogradusnoy heat beginning of the hot season.
Love Hiking? Go to a European capital. At the end of March in Europe starts this spring. You will have the opportunity to enjoy the first sun, the first green leaves and flowers. In Germany you can visit castles in England admire the green gardens and in Paris for the spring schedule begins to run Disneyland.
Among the exotic destinations we can advise South Africa. In March in South Africa is autumn weather, because the seasons there are opposite to ours. But this does not mean that the cold and rain. On the contrary, there is established a comfortable warm weather. Tourists from around the world to South Africa attracts nature parks where natural conditions it is possible to observe elephants, leopards, Buffalo. There are in Africa and their "wonder of the world". Feel like a grain of sand in a huge universe may be at the most extreme point of the planet – the Cape of Good Hope. And entertainment lovers will appreciate the sun city is the city of festivals and amazing architecture.
But if you want to extend the leaving winter, go skiing European resorts. Until the end of March working the lifts in the resorts of Slovakia, Austria, and Finland. Budget option would be holidays in the Carpathians or on the Suburban ski resorts. If desired, you can combine relaxation with treatment. Now is the time to visit the resorts of Krasnodar region. Yet the influx of tourists, without fuss and for less money, Wellness treatments in sanatoriums and Spa resorts.