What in the world the warm sea

First of all, the sea should be warm, because swimming in cold water is not very nice. Not to mention the fact that hypothermia can be dangerous to health. So what sea is the most warm? The question of where the warm sea, it is difficult to give a precise answer. Many countries in the world where the temperature of sea water near the shore even in the winter months almost never drops below 25 ° C plus. And in the summer it is much higher. These areas include the Seychelles and Maldives, India, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Thailand, Philippines. Very warm water all year round also in the Northern and North-Eastern coast of Australia, off the coast of Indonesia, Fiji and many other countries located in the Equatorial, subequatorial and tropical zones. And in the Western hemisphere warm seawater can boast, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Mexico and some other countries.
In the U.S. the warm water off the coast of Florida. For example, the water temperature off the coast of the world famous resort of Miami beach from 24C in January to 30 ° C in August.

In the summer months and in early autumn very warm water in the Red sea and in the Eastern part of the Mediterranean sea. For example, the water temperature of the red sea off the coast of the popular Egyptian resorts of Sharm-El-Sheikh and Hurghada, up to 27-28oC, and sometimes more. In winter, the water in the Red sea is significantly cooler, but she almost never falls below 20oC. That is, in this sea you can swim all year round.
For this reason, and also due to the relative proximity of Egypt and low cost holidays in this country, the red sea resorts very popular among residents of Russia and many European countries.

The country in which the sea is not only very warm but also very clean

In terms of warmth/cleanliness of the Red sea is out of the competition. Because in this sea than any river! Therefore, no income silt, river sand and other impurities that reduce purity and water clarity. Because of this, many tourists can in all the details the beautiful underwater world of the coral reefs, admire the vivid colourful fish, which is famous for the Red sea, especially around Sharm El-Sheikh.

Very clean and clear water also near the Maldives, Mauritius, Dominican Republic.